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Oftentimes the best way to get a sense of how you’ll feel is to hear directly from families that have held services for loved ones at Chestnut Funeral Home. We invite you to read and explore a range of testimonials and get the best sense possible of what your experience can be. Please ask us any questions, any time. We want nothing more than to help you through a difficult time with ease, peace and healing.

They have been my family mortician for about 80 years and they have been doing the best jobs I've ever seen as in putting your loved one away

Algerone Pettus December 21, 2022
5 stars

I must express my appreciation for providing excellent service. Losing a loved one is never easy but with your assistance, guidance and support I was able to get through this experience.Your attention to detail, and great communication skills made the experience even better than I expected. I won't hesitate to bring future clients to your establishment. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Stephanis Mission Mission Worldwide Ministries August 05, 2022
5 stars

Charles, I wish you had come to Mom's 90th last year. WE missed you! Doing Dad's (Kenneth Pollock) funeral in 1973 made everything so much better. I was re-telling the story of you pulling up to the Presbyterian church (downtown) in the hearse and everyone's reaction. "Chestnut's Funeral Home?" Dad probably loved the send-off... especially with everything going on right now, friendship matters.

Kathy (Pollock) McCullough October 19, 2020
5 stars

Chestnut Funeral. The crew was superb in out hard time. There service outstanding. They are very knowledgeable very respectful. We are so grateful to them may God bless all of them. The Rodriguez family.

Carlos Rodriguez Abreu August 02, 2022
5 stars

Chris treated us like family. Exceeded our expectations. Explanation of services was transparent. We needed services expedite and Chris made it happen. We are thankful for the patience, the orientation and for advocating on our behalf. Thank you!

Cusi DLC July 19, 2023
5 stars

The chestnut funeral services has always provided me with professional care.. Trust them I Have.

Wayne Fields September 12, 2020
5 stars